Lying on my soft blue blanket
Upon the warm summer ground,
I clear my mind as the sun caresses my skin.
Slowly, beginning to glisten with sweat
Rivolets of moisture sliding between my full breasts
Coming to rest in my navel.
The heat of the sun kissing my creamy flesh
Turning it a bit golden.
Suddenly a cool breeze swept all around me
touching me
As though I was a flower in a garden.
To be caressed and cared for
Raising goosebumps upon my skin.
My two little cherry tips suddenly tighten
As the wind touches my body lovingly
Causing me to gasp ever so slightly.
I feel a sweat drop slowly run down
Between my breasts, trailing slowly down my tummy.
The heat of the sun quickly evaporating the little moisture
That nearly reached the sweet little juncture
Between my slick thighs
Causing me to squirm in surprise.
I'm not a big fan of summer's intense heat,
Yet it does have its great moment as well,
When it warms up my secret parts, causing it to be aroused and swell.

Pleasure can come from natural sources;
Simple, soft, gentle and tender,
It's really quite hard to beat.
Whether you prefer cold or heat,
Both have erotic properties of pleasure.

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