tagNon-Erotic PoetryHeavy: Monster's Face

Heavy: Monster's Face


Turn of phrase and tone
Made three precious words into stone

Motion of hand against face
Brutal contact rushing red

Salty liquid pools silver streaks
Whimpering cries to cease

Sun touched hair in disarray
Green moss eyes scream I’m sorry

Icy baby blues lance total scorn
As whistling lashes land white pink red

Minute hand passes in movements so sedate
Infinity of deaths screaming ILOVEYOUIloveyoui--

Suspension of senses in lightless void
Prickles of feeling unwanted returns

Movement brings muscles' cries in unison
Crawling hand knee forward one two stop

Monster calmly looks eye to eye
This is the gift of love

Quivering slender hand meets familiar new mound
Never. Protect. Safe. Never. Promise. Never. Mine.

Unbidden strengths from hidden depths
Action to save another from a monster's face

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