tagNon-Erotic PoetryHer serenity

Her serenity


Just a hint of soft azure radiates from within
As I melt under your loving gaze
The sound of your voice lulls me into a haven of safety
I rejoice in the arms of your wonder
And faith ignites my soul
As I am reassured in the knowledge of your accomplishments.
Diffuse sunlight warms the window of my mornings
As I wake from my dreamworld
Only to begin the day afresh with dreams of you
Adrift in the throes of days without you
Yet you roam my soul freely
Reminding me yet again
Of the joy you bring to life.
I wend my way through the sundered streets of my history
A cobblestone maze of wanderings
The murmur of my meandering heart whispering thoughts of you
As a splash of illusive rainbow dissolves into my mirage
And effloresces into the perfumed bouquet that is you.
Grains of sand trickle through my fingers with the passage of the day
And the lapis colored sky transforms itself to the velvety ebon of evening
To be lit with only the light of your smile and the twinkle of your eyes
And to become becalmed
With the serenity of your soul.

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