tagErotic PoetryHer Thong Panties!

Her Thong Panties!

byUncle Pervey©

My sister Tootsie is a gorgeous gal,
She's a hundred and ten pound confection.
She's a blond with blue eyes and Ruby lips,
And she ALWAYS treats me with affection!

My sister came over for a visit,
She said she had a present just for me.
My sister knows how I feel about her,
I could see she wanted to surprise me!

She told me to wait where I was sitting,
And she'd be back to show me what she brought.
She came back with just a bra and panties,
And she surprised me so much, my breath caught!

The bra she had on was just sheer fabric,
Her silver-dollar nipples, I could see.
She turned slow to show me her thong panties,
And I felt sudden lust come over me!

Tootsie watched me close for my reaction,
And she smiled wickedly at what she saw.
She came between my legs, and just stood there,
And as my pulse raced she removed her bra!

I reached my hungry hands out for her breasts,
And she stood there, and let me have my feel.
I began to lick and suck her nipples,
And Tootsie gasped out loud and gave a squeal!

I switched back and forth between her nipples,
Then Tootsie held my head tight to a breast.
My sister's thong panties grew sopping wet,
I wanted to slurp out her creamy nest!

I pulled Tootsie's panties down to the floor,
And felt her ass and squeezed her luscious ckeeks.
She sat down to let me eat her pussy,
And my tongue started slurping pussy leaks!

Tootsie gasped and cried out "Oh Johnny,
Eat my pussy and lick me til I cum!
If you eat me good, and make me happy,
I'll let you lick and eat, and fuck my bum!"

Tootsie's talk was driving me plumb crazy,
And when she came I gulped down her love juice.
I licked up and swallowed ALL her wetness,
Til Tootsie lay there gasping, feeling loose!

When I undressed my hard cock was jumping,
I shoved it in her steaming pussy's hole.
Then I cupped her ass and started fucking,
I set her pussy on fire to her soul!

Tootsie cried out when she felt me cumming,
"Oh Johnny, your hot cum is just like fire!
Fill my pussy up with your burning cum,
You made me cum now, TAKE what you desire!"

I didn't need no more encouragement,
And I got Tootsie to her hands and knees.
I wanted to eat and fuck her sweet ass,
And feel her spincter ring's tight milking squeeze!

I licked and sucked each of my sister's cheeks,
And marked them with bright rosie colored spots.
Then she arched her back and her ass flared out,
And I tongue-fucked her asshole lots and lots!

I sucked on her spincter til it turned red,
And made it so puffy it looked inflamed.
I pressed my cock's head right against her hole,
And when I pushed it inside almost came!

I wrapped my arms around her and stayed still,
And waited there til my cock settled down.
Tootsie's hot tight asshole was pure Heaven,
I started moving slow then went to town!

The more I fucked the hotter her ass got,
And the way it kept squeezing me was joy!
It milked me til my cum began spurting,
And I filled Tootsie's asshole with my toy!

I stayed pressed deep inside til I was drained,
And I felt Tootsie's bowels squeezing tight.
My cock grew hard again inside her hole,
And I loved Tootsie's asshole all that night!!

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