tagNon-Erotic PoetryHigh on Frozen Moments.

High on Frozen Moments.


We came, all banded
Formed in deceitful loose array,
Our stealthy purpose hidden
Sweet night supplanting day.
We came so willing,
Having freely crossed our chosen line.
But them, they were conscripted,
Made to take their coin and sign.

We came, embraced in darkness,
Joining with that sin rich gloom,
Whereas they, they shrank and trembled,
As we stalked ‘neath our hunter’s moon,
They had told them of our coming ,
Whispered of who came to join their game,
And we revelled in their stampeding fear,
At the mention of our name.

We came , all brothers banded,
All sworn in oaths of blood,
We came in cloaks of ghillies’s motley ,
Unseen, mere feet from where they stood.
And their terror tasted wholesome,
As they found exsanguin’ed proof,
That their numbers nightly dwindled,
That our dread resume, was writ of truth.

We hounded them with fang and claw,
We harried them , all mercy deferred,
We harried them with our true told myth,
A weapon formed from night shouted words
We made them need to be away,
Our voices made them wish to flee,
never knowing the meaning, of our Ayo Bir Goorkh’ali

Yes we came upon that misted mountain,
We made our mark so deep,
We took them as they watched for us,
We took them in their sleep,
Our kukris offered fuel to fear,
Our name chilled even those who’d play the clown,
We went to that misted mountain,
We took our turn ‘to tumble down’ .

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