tagErotic Poetryho, ho, ho

ho, ho, ho


this is not about christmas
it's about three hoes
and this is how
their story goes
they met in college
and became friends quick
then they discovered they shared
the same love for dick
they did everything together
they even fucked the same guys
there were rumors about them on campus
but they actually weren't lies
where ever there was dick
these girls could be found
they were horny little hookers
and they got around
they fucked the football team
but they didn't stop there
and they were oblivious
to those who would point and stare
they'd go to a dance club
looking for new prospects
they don't even need names
their main concern is the sex
groups of guys
or just one or two
the whole male student body
these hoes have been through
college for them
was a four year long porn
all they cared about
was getting their groove on
they fucked the whole staff
that's how they graduated
this is the story of three hoes
as i initially stated

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