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hot stuff


choosing to fuck me
is a wise decision
my naked body
is a heavenly vision
many want me
but i'm all yours
my favorite position
is being on all fours
you watch my ass wiggle
you fondle my breasts
you're just the latest
in my line of conquests
you hit it hard
i take every inch
you finger my anus
and give my nipples a pinch
you talk dirty to me
and i get more excited
i flip you on to your back
and your cock i ride it
your eyes roll
to the back of your head
my cunt's drenched
from the things that you said
we're calling each other's names
our heart beats are racin'
we're bumpin' and grindin'
and each other we're facin'
our muscles contract
our temperatures rise
you're gonna burst
i see it in your eyes
you fill me with sperm
and i am delighted
you're my best lover
and i've never denied it

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