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How I Do Fuck


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Here’s my erotic poem only read by few.
It has to do with making love, killer sex and you!
Since I met you and felt your love it’s really made me wet!
Beginning deep inside me and ending drenched in sweat!
The thoughts of being up on top, and feeling you inside.
Riding you with rhythm, orgasms, none denied!
When you bend me over and I get it from behind
Our penetrating motion, the way we bump and grind!
The way our bodies mesh together, our muscles holding tight.
Anyway we do each other always feels so right!
And why do I compose our love here with a pen?
I guess I've been inspired over and under again.
It takes a special partner to bring you to the urge.
Soaked when we are coming as both our bodies merge!
Now what would I do if I didn’t have you there?
Read my poem “Masturbation“ only if you dare!

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