tagNon-Erotic PoetryHow Much Do I Love You?

How Much Do I Love You?


How much do I love you?
How hot is the Sun?
It shines down from Heaven:
It warms all and one.

My love is your sunshine;
You are my world.
You'll always be my man.
I am your girl!

How much do I love you?
How wet is the rain?
Tears of angels that fall
To wash away pain...

I am your angel--
I cry tears for you.
To wash aways pain's
What I want to do.

How much do I love you?
How wide is the sky?
Clouds float around in it,
And in it birds fly.

My love is your sky,
And wide is my heart,
Hoping of my life
You'll want to be part.

How much do I love you?
I think now you see.
My question to you is
How much you love ME?

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