The table at breakfast
what a lovely scene
you tied to your chair
I'm such a damn fiend

Sweet maple syrup drizzled
forget the pancakes, baby
there's only one place for it
and I surely don't mean maybe

Don't you just hate it
that no matter how you move
you can't control your actions
and you have to follow my groove?

Mmmmm, I know you love it
your body tells me so
your voice as it pleads release
me just going so...slow

I feel you shiver hard
as I drip syrup on your cock
and the moans you gift me with
makes me never want to stop

I touch you with certain leisure
and kiss and spread my lips
suckling you and licking and tasting
no further down than the tip

Lazy little circles of tongue
around and under your rim
your hips try hard to thrust
but my ropes never give

I look at you through veiled eyes
to see your passionate pain
head thrown back, body open
mine to kiss or flay

The last you see then
my robe opening to stiffened peaks
then my sash goes round your eyes
stealing what you seek

Now you can only hear and smell
and taste, if I so choose
I press a nipple against your lips
you suck as hungry men do

A jolt of raw pleasure sizzles
straight down to my soaking cunt
I climb onto the chair with you
and drip honey to mix with the syrup

I take your spongy tip between my lips
and hold you there next to my heat
I can feel and see you strain for more
as you cry out "Please!" to me

Slowly, so slowly
I lower to capture your head
splitting my soft pink lips wide
sinking you into my flower's bed

Up and down and round and round
just an inch or so inside
until with frantic movements of hips
I sit and let you...slide

I press my breasts all over your face
and my heat all over your lap
toes gripping the wooden rails
totally lost in the act

I ride you then in hunger
slowing when you get too close
our bodies married in passion
true desire so few ever know

I scream against your sweaty neck
when I explode from the inside out
clenching and milking you hard
as you surrender with a shout

You bathe me with a river of juice
flowing like lava within
body tight against your restraints
I love it when you give in

Exausted and trembling I rise
and untie the sturdy knots
replace my sash and smile at you
and say, "Hey, you know what?"

You can only shake your head
I smile again and say,
"A hot breakfast is so good for you."
"The most important meal of the day!"

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