tagErotic PoetryI Screwed Joanna In Front of Paul

I Screwed Joanna In Front of Paul

bySissy Adele Howells©

In Joanna Curle's bedroom,
Joanna strips me naked,
Her denim skirt slips to the floor,
She happily removes her green top.

I go down on my knees,
Stroking Joanna's navy blue tights,
Licking her black booties clean,
Joanna Curle your tights are coming down.

Pulling down her panties with my teeth,
Joanna is now wearing a black satin nighty,
Her kinky black booties remain on her feet,
She rubs cream into her hands,
Putting her red satin pyjams on me.

Joanna says,"Are you coming to bed."
I replace Paul at her side,
Paul,her boyfriend is chained to the wall,
Wearing Joanna's yellow panties,
Paul looks a fucking twat.

My arm is around Joanna,
Fondling her lovely dark hair,
Wet kissing her on the lips,
Joanna Curle is my girl,
Paul, you have lost her for good.

Pulling back the satin sheets,
Lifting up Joanna's nighty
"Look at her tight pussy Paul",
"More of a bush than your cats Spike and Tina."

I rip open the top of her nighty,
Joanna's tits are in my hands,
Running her tongue over her nipples,
I want to milk the silly cow.

Joanna looks like a virgin
She says,Paul can't get an erection,
Joanna picks her nose in a provocative way,
Her mother would be proud,
Of her only kinky child.

Joanna Curle is thirty six,
She wants a baby girl,
"Lets call it Jessica,"she says,
Im a kinky Yummy Mummy.

Joanna removes her finger from her nose,
I suck her green bogie and chew it,
We have a very sloppy wet snog,
Sorry Paul,Joanna Curle will be my wife.

My tongue licks Joanna's booties clean,
Until their nice and shiny,
"Paul bought me these."She said,
"Took ages to find a size four and a half".

Joanna was taking Paul to Amsterdam,
But now she is taking me,
We are also going to Hungary Paul,
Where im going to hump Joanna,
In front of her relatives.

A bulge appeared inside Paul's panties,
I held his cock in my hand,
Put it in my mouth,
Joanna gave out her infectious laugh,
I gave Paul a blow job,
Paul exploded his spunk into my mouth,
Joanna shouted,"drink his milk".

I tugged Joanna's booties off,
crammed them onto my feet,
Ripped Joanna's nighty off,
Got on top of her naked body,
Pushed my cock inside Joanna's slit,
Fucked her hard as i could,
Paul could only watch and cry
"Oh Joanna how could you".

Cor!Joanna you dirty slut,
My fuckable kinky cunt,
Wave to your Auntie Margaret,
She is watching you from Hungary,
on her web cam.

I pumped my spunk inside her,
Joanna Curle was fucked,
Joanna Curle is up the spout,
Thats how to screw Joanna Curle,
Joanna Curle my Mummy Fucker.

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