tagNon-Erotic PoetryI Wasn't Enough For You

I Wasn't Enough For You


Placing a smooth hand upon my flat tummy,
A tear rolls down my young face.
I know I could not give you a child,
But I had hoped I would have been enough
To let you love me anyway.
Instead, you took your feelings for me, away.

My lips tremble, as I try not to cry out.
I gaze out the window
As my heart breaks in two.
My eyes see as far as they can,
Searching for answers...
On how to keep from losing you.
Though, it is all for naught, for I realize already..
That you must leave me, because I cannot give you what you want most...
...A baby.

When we first, I remember saying to myself
How adorable you looked, and so fun-loving.
A big kid at heart, who taught me
To relax and let my hair down.
Your dark green eyes also captivated me
Looking at them, nearly made me drown
Under your spell
Where this all started and ended...
I almost cant tell.

It seems you warred within yourself
"Do I love her or want a baby with her, more?"
Now, as I feel you distancing from me,
I know the answer already.
A woman knows deep inside her
When her man's feeling has changed for her...
Even before he says those fateful words..
Then it comes...it's all true.
I guess I'll never tell you that I have come to love you,
I guess I wont be able to tell you, that I think of you day and night..
That I miss you when I dont see you...or hear your voice..
Because you already closed your heart to me.
I cant give you what you want...
I brace myself for what's to come... you walking away...
I see it in my heart and mind
Yet I have no choice.
I love you, but I must remain true to myself,
And hold on to the knowledge
That I am worthy to be loved
Not for what I can or cannot give a man.
To be untrue to myself, I cannot be.
If you dont want me for what I cannot give you..
Then you never loved me at all.
And your heart never was open to me.

You didnt even wait around
To see,
To be surrounded by my love
To know the real joy I can bring to your life
And now you will never know..
Because you gave up on me...
You gave up on US.

As tears stream down my face, I remain silent.
Then I whispered in the quiet night "Goodbye, my love"...
I fall down upon the ground
Back against the wall, and cry alone
Life is tough...
I just wish, you loved me enough, to want me anyway...
Even though I cant give you what you want:...a child...
I just wish I was enough,
To make you love me

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