tagErotic Poetryi wear it well

i wear it well


some call them hot pants
some call them daisy dukes
when i wear short shorts
i look really cute

they accentuate my butt
and make my legs look long
i wear them low on my hips
so you can see my thong

if you know what a camel toe is
my short short really make mine protrude
i look good in my hot pants
but you'd rather see me in the nude

my daisy dukes are tight
they make my butt look bigger
i can pull off this look
because i've got an awesome figure

people see me in my shorts
and they can't help but stare
sometimes i wear them
minus the underwear

when you see me in them
you'll start to fantasize
women's cunts get wet
men's cocks start to rise

i'm a hot little lady
whether i'm wearing clothes or not
the first time that you see me
you'll want a sample of my twat

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