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Images. Lesbian cyber love.



A poem of lesbian cyber love

For April

I have never kissed her soft red lips
that kiss me every night.
I have never held her young smooth body
that I hold and hug so tight.

I have never felt her tender breasts
that I kiss with tender lips.
I have never held her slim soft waist
that I hold when I kiss her hips.

I have never looked upon her eyes
so crystal clear and green.
The only time we ever talk
Is when we light our screen.

I see her in my dreams, of course,
each night I drift away.
To caress and hold her body
until the dawn of day.

Our naked female bodies,
laying gently side by side,
dreaming of our fantasies
and the feelings that we hide.

We have been in love forever,
or that’s the way it seems,
making tender love each night
In the confines of our dreams.

Kissing, loving, gently
as we watch our dreams unfurl.
I’ll love her for eternity;
my slender cyber girl.

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