Imagine that you are lying on the bed, face down arms by your side, breathing easily, relaxed, the soft silk of a pillow caressing your cheek.

Imagine that I am sitting next to you stroking your back, gently running my fingers over you clothes, for you are fully dressed.

Imagine me whispering into your ear "I love you," as I take the straps of your top off of your shoulders and you feel the cold tang of massage oil between your shoulder blades; the air is full of the scent of white musk.


Feel my fingers as they work the oil firmly into your shoulders and neck, massaging away the tensions of the day in the flickering light of a dozen sweetly smelling honeycomb candles.

Feel my hands as they deftly undo your bra, and move your arms to remove it, the lacy fabric brushing your nipples as it is removed, then, following with equal care your top is eased over your head.

Feel the tingle as you lie naked from the waste up against the satin sheet and my fingers run up and down your spine, pressing, searching for the strains of the day and soothing them away.


Breathe in the heady mix of exotic scents as they fill the room, the oil, the candles and subtle smell of your ... perfume.

Breathe deeply as the waves of relaxation wash over you as my hands run smoothly up you back, caressing your sides and then walk with careful precision over the visible curve of the edge of your ... breasts.

Breathe in sharply as I gently pull down your jeans and panties, just over you bottom, exposing you to my gentle ministrations, rubbing the oil reverently into your behind, playing lightly with the small of your back, cupping your hips with ecstatic possession and ... love.


Relax as my hands slide sensuously up the sides of your body and up over your shoulder then down your back, my fingers leaving faint traces as I murmur "I adore ... you."

Relax as I bend over you and pass my naked chest over your back and shoulders, so close that we tingle, but not applying even the slightest weight upon ... you.

Relax as I breathe warmth onto your neck, then with solemn care move your hair away to kiss you rightly on the nape, at the edge of your hairline, brushing you gently with my ... lips.


Part your lips in anticipation as I slowly work your jeans and panties off the bottom of your legs, and then run my hands up your shins, the outside of your thighs and your hips, easing away any aches in soft sensual musky oil.

Part your legs, almost subconsciously as my hands explore with firm, but gentle strokes your inner thighs, running my fingers to within millimetres of your sex, but not touching you, apart from the faintest brush of the tips of your hairs.

Part of you starts to yearn to be touched as you raise you bottom and sway your hips pushing against my firm deep grip on your thighs, as my fingers stroke you and evoke tingling sensations in your muscles that dance over the surface of your skin.


Allow yourself to be gently turned over onto your back, your arms to be caressed and placed by your sides so I can see you in your entirety, your legs apart, your eyes closed as you breathe easily.

Allow me to massage your neck, your shoulders, your breasts, running my fingers around your nipples and bringing them to delicious aching hardness.

Allow me to kiss your stomach and show how much I love every part of you even what you think of as imperfections, where I see only the embodiment of my love.


Squirm and gasp as my fingers massage the tops of your thighs and the edges of your pudenda, gently pressing into the very edges of your most intimate area, pulling my fingers outwards and over your thighs in long firm movements.

Squirm as you feel yourself becoming wet as the delicious tension of sexual arousal plays a symphony in between your legs, with my fingers being the percussion section, lightly drumming on your clitoris and vaginal lips.

Squirm and rotate your hips as my finger runs round the soft, pink entrance to your body and scoops up your wetness to taste it, eyes closing as my tongue revels in the flavour of your sexuality.


Taste me as I kiss you first tenderly and them with more passion, pressing my lips against yours, parting your own and flicking the tip of your tongue with mine all the time holding you between your legs as my fore finger draws slow circles around the entrance to your body.

Taste your own arousal as I release your mouth from my own and slowly slide my forefinger in between your ruby lips, soaked in your sexual juices, hard and probing in your mouth, its tip stroking your tongue as you suck hungrily.

Taste anticipation in the air as I begin again to work down your body, paying careful and detailed loving attention to every part of you, your cheeks, your chin, your neck, your shoulders, the delicate valley between your breasts, the exquisite soft rise of your body from that valley to the tight undulations that now frame your hard, oh so sensitive nipples.


Gasp as I suck gently on those nipples, my hands stroking your tummy and hips, playing with your inner thighs, dancing around where you long to be touched, lovingly teasing you, knowing as you know that soon there will be nothing at all between your sex and mine, nothing but overwhelming sensation.

Gasp as I suddenly drive two tightly locked together fingers deep into your body, reaching far into your vagina, stretching you, parting the fingers, and running over the soft ribs on your inside, caressing you as my thumb massages your pudenda and I explore your body totally, stripping you of secrets and replacing them with a need that must be sated lest you explode.

Gasp and moan as my tongue tracks down from your breasts down over your tummy, down to your sex, down to lick you in long hard strokes, delving into your folds, worrying out your little bud of sensitivity and lavishing on it so much attention that you wriggle and arch, presenting yourself to my tongue in sweet submission.


Imagine that my need for you suddenly overwhelms me.
Imagine me growling in lust and sliding up your body until my manhood is pressing against your hungry wanton cunt.
Imagine my eyes glazing as I push forward hard and firm.


Feel me slide into you fast and hard, parting you, distorting you.
Feel my crotch grind and compress your own, your softness yielding to my hardness
Feel me inside you, my cock moving against the inside of your vagina.


Breathe hard, sucking in air heavy with my sent.
Breathe against my chest, your breasts rising as my chest draws in.
Breathe through open mouth, tongue on lips, and sharing air with me, inches away.


Relax your legs opening them wider to accommodate my urge to push ever deeper into you
Relax you fingers from where they tightly grip the bed to hold my sides and claw at my back.
Relax you inhibitions and whisper through clenched teeth, "harder, fuck me, my love.. Fuck me!"


Part you lips to admit my tongue, probing into your mouth as my cock probes into your cunt.
Part of you seems momentarily to watch from outside as you see yourself being fucked so very hard and so very passionately.
Part of you struggles for control as the minds eye view makes your sex contract unexpectedly.


Allow me to possess you totally, to embrace you and pull you to me.
Allow me love you, with absoluteness and clarity.
Allow me to be your world as you become mine.


Squirm as a crescendos builds up in your groin, like an unstoppable avalanche of sensation.
Squirm as the ache shoots up your body to your breasts, to you neck, flushing your face red and hot.
Squirm as I pick up the pace driven crazy by your reaction slamming into you manically and with abandonment.


Taste your salty sweat with your lips from the sheen glowing on your face.
Taste my sweat on your tongue as we kiss, heavy with testosterone.
Taste the tang of blood as you nip my lip in animal passion wanting to eat me, to consume me both above and below.


Gasp as you cum hard, pulling your legs up, curling your fingers and toes.
Gasp as I cum inside you, groaning and pushing uncontrolled as my sperm fills you to overflowing.

Gasp, as we collapse into each other, tearful, joyful, bursting with need, busting with love, holding... holding ... never willing to part,


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