tagErotic PoetryIn The Firelight

In The Firelight


Soft as the falling Christmas snow
Is your touch against my skin
Here in the warming fireside glow
Our lovemaking can finally begin.

Hungry mouths and hungry souls
Meet in a lovers’ embrace
As hot as the glowing fireplace coals
Our bodies now set the pace.

Amid strangled cries and soft quiet moans
Our passion ramps up to a peak
We are no longer mere flesh and bones
A higher plane our souls do now seek.

In the aftermath, we hold each tight
Silky fluids still mixing inside
A few loving words in the warm firelight
Knowing we have nothing to hide.

You stroke my face as our breath returns
Our hearts still beating as one,
We realize we are just beginning to learn
That our lovemaking has just begun.

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