tagNon-Erotic PoetryInner Battle

Inner Battle


                                       Sometimes I think it would be better, if my heart were like stone.
                                                      Hard and cold, like other people around me.
                                                         It would save alot of pain and weakness
                                             When friends and loves ones, walked away from my life.

                                                             I envy those with a walled heart,
                                                                    While mine is too soft,
                                                             Untouchable is what I should be,
                                               Yet the love I have for my children wont allow me.

                                                             I feel myself being hurt inside,
                                                                  And I hate myself for it,
                                                        Remember how strong I use to be,
                                              Now I hurt so easily, I clentch my fists in anger.

                                               Friends come and go as do the men in my life,
                                                                Like the tides in the sea.
                                                  I have my moment of sadness and anger,
                                    Yet I know deep down, I will never allow anyone to defeat me.

                                              Remembering my father's tears, when I was born,
                                          When the doctors informed him that I will not survive,
                                  Twenty-NInce years later, I am still here, by the grace of God.
                                  There must be a reason that I am still here, besides being torn.

                                    When I was in the delivery room, in labor for my daughter,
                                    I felt The Lord's presence, reassuring me that he was there,
                                      I promised him that day, that I will never give up on life,
                                       And never let anyone defeat me, nor tear me assunder.
                                    My spirit may bruise and my eyes water, but I am still here.....

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