tagErotic PoetryJack And Jane

Jack And Jane


Jack and Jane,
Oh, what a pain
And not an "O" between them.
When they fucked one night
They were quite a sight.
Oh yes, you should have seen them.

Jack mighty Jack
With his cock, tall and proud
Towering a mighty seven inches.
And Jane, busty Jane
With her ass soft as grass
Where she’d tattooed "I’m so tight, it pinches."

As proud as they were
Of their talents in the sack,
Their technique enduring and skillful,
An orgasm achieved
Was not a claim they could make
No matter how tempted or willful.

On Wednesday
They humped and bumped and jumped
‘Til the neighbor’s house rattled its windows.
On Thursday
They boned and moaned and groaned.
It sounded like a Japanese Shinto.

Last Friday, said Jane
"It’s our day" and then
She laid out her toys of power.
A buzzer for tweaking
A boner for peaking
And a Bamboozle that would make you cower.

Her Jack at the ready
His tool long and steady
He’s the pitcher in this game of desire.
Jane on her back as
She lubed her downy crack
Beckoned sinfully to light his fire.

Jack leapt on the bedding
Jane’s knees wide and spreading
They plunged into blissful rejoinder.
Well into the night
Worked their wondrous plight
Jack sweated with Jane as he boinged her.

By morning, they were panting
Faces tight and eyes slanting,
Their resolve not couched or wavering.
Determined they were
To come, not to purr
An emotion their lust was savoring.

Hour upon hour
They climbed the steep tower
Of positions imagined and faintive.
The ruckus they made
Was purely high-grade
And attracted a crowd, stunned and plaintive.

Then suddenly Jane
Began feeling no pain
A new sensation grew in her loins.
Jack started to buck
Looking so down on his luck
That the patrons started to throw coins.

Their lips a quiver
And a twinge in their liver.
Tingling goosebumps running up and down
The tornado within
Twixt their nipples and chin,
Headed south for Twin Genital Town.

Jane started shaking
As her clam began baking,
Her consciousness clouded in mush.
Jack began spewing
On her lily white dewing,
A geyser that’d make Old Faithful blush.

This went on for an hour
A display of such power
That the streetlights began to dim.
When finally they’d done.
His dog in her bun,
Resembling a day-old, limp Slim Jim.

Jack sighed his last sigh.
She wiped sperm from her eye.
And they looked up at the cheering hoard.
Never a couple has compared
With the endurance not spared
By Jack and Jane, they’re top of the board.

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