tagErotic PoetryJasper man's bride

Jasper man's bride


I have been gone for almost two years now and I'm back, and ready to start my writting anew. I hope this poem is just the beginning. I dedicate this to the woman I love.

Taking my leave, my leave.
Taking my leave for long.
Long out of love, and love out of smile.
I took my leave for long a while.
Save me from this chamber chain.

She did, oh did she.
She came into my life,
my virgin bride.
My unspoiled pride.
She came into my life,
my love and pride.

Open her world she came into mine,
a blushing bride,
blush one last time,
I shall make her mine.

The vows be spoken,
the words were said.
True they were, those words left said.
I'll speak them more till morrow come,
many the morrow should yee come.
But alas this night,
this night, this heavy night.
I'll lay my bride as a noble knight.

Jasper man has now his bride.
His only and his one and only bride.

Shivering thighs,
rising breast.
Her breath is lost beneath her breast.
My breath in turn, lost the same,
we breath the same, oh wanton and oh loving same.
I'll breath her in and let her breath,
my finger tips upon her flesh.
My finger tips upon her flesh.
My love and my finger tips know the best.
Her flesh, her flesh,
I'll taste and yern for her flesh.

Drawn out is my hardened sex,
to meet with with her moistened sex.
Lets meet in between.
Our hour is above the stars.

Closeing her eyes, the moment has come,
I've made my piece her own to come.
Our loving arms will carry the soul.
We've now to engage and meet,
our love unfolds.
That blood that stains has come from home.
Her virginity is mine,
her heart and soul.
My love is hers.
My heart is hers.
My soul above all is O for her.

Let mingle our bodies, our bodies,
our bodies.
Let mingle our bodies, and together we'll stay.
Let mingle our bodies, and together we'll say,
"I love you."
How I love to love O loving you.
Your sex is mine, my sex is yours,
our souls combind,
our souls which yern.
Let mingle our bodies,
let mingle our love.

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