tagErotic PoetryJean Drummond Lloyd

Jean Drummond Lloyd

bySissy Adele Howells©

There she stood behind the bar,
Jean Drummmond Lloyd,the red, haired Scot,
Eighteen stone of obesity,
A kinky, Nanny Fucker,
In her prime at fifty.

Wearing a shapeless dress of orange,
Swathes of petticoats underneath,
Grey tights, cover her tree trunk legs,
No makeup on her plain, fat face,
You overweight, disgusting cow,
Nanny Jean Drummond Lloyd.

Jean's two daughters, Kim and Karen,
Both pregnant at eighteen,
Kimberley, a dirty, valley slag,
Karen, a dumb blonde,
Both thick as shit,
Karen Lloyd is sex on a stick,
Kimberley Holmes,has a degree in shagging.

Nanny Jean Drummond Lloyd,
Slurps her blackberry tart,
The horrible noise that she makes,
Sucking cream, from her puffy fingers.

Jean, Kim and Karen all have large noses,
It must run in the family,
When Nanny Jean sneezes,
Everyone is showered with her snot,
Making sure that I take the full blast.

Fondling her saggy breasts,
Exploring her filthy, paper hanky,
Sticking my fingers up her nose,
picking the bogies, stuck inside her nostrils.

Jean Drummond Lloyd, wants revenge,
She pins me to the floor,
Strips me naked, squeezes my balls
My cock is hard, Nanny Jean laughs,
Her eighteen stone body, on top of me,
Nanny Jean wets her large panties.

Her thin lips, pressed hard against mine,
My hand up Nanny Jean's dress,
Fondling her green, soaking panties,
Nanny Jean snots in my face,
Snot from her nose, drips into my mouth,
Nanny Jean Drummond Lloyd you are mine.

"Hier! babes, my kinky chicken,
Want you to eat my grandaughters pampas,
Look! babes, Carly's dirty pampas,
Soiled only five minutes ago,
Stinking of her shit and wee wee,
Very smelly and shitty,
Eat them up for me my kinky babes."

The disgusting pampas were wiped in my face,
Nanny Jean forced them into my mouth,
Carly's shit was so tasty,
Nanny Jean was delighted,
Removed her wet panties,
They followed the pampas into my mouth,
I love this kinky perversion.

Jean Drummond Lloyd opened her legs,
My throbbing cock, slipped inside her,
Nanny Jean produced a wet wipe,
Covered with Carly's snot,
She forced the snotty, wet wipe, into my mouth
Mixed in lovely, with pampas and panties.

Fucking Nanny Jean slowly,
Her fat, ugly nose in my mouth,
She snotted again as hard as she could,
My teeth stuck together for a few seconds,
Jean Drummond Lloyd your a dirty cunt.

Smelling her soaking wet panties,
An experience I'll never forget,
Then she decides to sit on my face,
Explodes a disgusting, rasping fart,
The smell is stinking me out,
Tugging her wet panties down,
Nanny Jean shits in my face,
She had an Indian curry last night,
Her shit is runny and fresh,
Another squelch and more shit,
Pours out of her fat ass.
She doesn't need toilet paper,
Because I'm licking her ass nice and clean.

Her daughter's won't escape my wit,
After eating Jean and Carly's shit,
Kimberley and Karen, you are next,
A competition to see whose the best,
You will have to perform well,
To beat your kinky Mummy,
My Nanny Jean Drummond Lloyd.

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