tagErotic PoetryJoanna Snotty Nose Rides Again

Joanna Snotty Nose Rides Again

bySissy Adele Howells©

The first sneeze nearly blew me away,
Joanna Curle sneezed in my face,
She apologised but i let the snot stay,
trickling down my face and on to my mouth,
My tongue tasted Joanna Curle's snot,
A bit salty but a taste that i would never forget.

Joanna held a paper hanky to her nose,
A large and snotty conk
Blowing her nose hard made me smile
The sound of her snot travelling down her nostrils
overflowing into her white paper hanky,
Joanna Curle before i undress you,
Wipe your filthy hanky over my face.

Joanna did what she was told,
Her infectious laugh filled the office,
stuffing her snotty hanky into my mouth,
I then removed her white Jumper,
Her long denim skirt was soon on the floor,
Joanna Curle your my fucking whore.

Red Cotton Panties and matching bra,
Joanna still looked frumpy but fuckable,
So i tied her hair in bunches,
thirty six and showing her knicks,
Joanna still had her black booties on.

Joanna sat on the desk,her legs wide open,
Before i pulled her panties down,
Picked her nose with two fingers,
My fingers twisted inside her nostrils,
Pulled out some green sticky bogies,
Put them in my mouth and ate them.

Before Joanna could be sick,
Her bra was off and i sucked her tits,
Joanna panted for me to shag her,
"Mount me with my booties on." she begged,
Fucking Joanna Curle all morning,
Snogging with tongues we made love.

I love Joanna Curle,
Joanna Curle loves me,
Now iv'e made her pregnant,
Joanna Curle marry me.

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