tagErotic PoetryJust a Heartbeat Away

Just a Heartbeat Away


He met her at night when others were in bed.
She came to him in whispers. She often wore bright red.
Sometimes he would lead her in a dance upon the clouds,
other times she’d offer a place that knows no bounds.

Tonight though it is different. These beings much in love,
hold hands and touch each other. The web of lies are done.
She confessed her secrets and told her life goodbye.
He welcomed her in open arms and will hold her if she’d cry.

They start off together. No more phone calls shall sedate,
for in each others arms they finally tempted fate.
Each one took a step though both were scared they’d fall.
With time, hope, and passion, they tore down the others’ wall.

Distance is defeated and lips mingle in delight.
Neither is a victim in an erotic bliss that’s right.
His hand trails through her hair and tilts her head to the left.
His mouth is like a snare and her kiss is what he theft.

Tongues explore all angles while hands move down a spine.
Both want to bring the other to an edge that’s so sublime.
So he takes a moment and drags in a ragged breath,
as she removes her clothing in an erotic dance of death.

His heart stops for a moment as he feasts upon her skin.
She's smooth like silk and satin, that he can’t wait to be within.
His fingers move much faster as he sheds his clothing too.
She’s looking very hungry and her offerings his cue.

On his knees he drops, for there is no secret there,
he longs to taste her sweetness. Her scent is his to wear.
Fingers clench the muscles of shoulders she must grip,
as his tongue licks up the waves and becomes a sailing ship.

He strokes the water’s edge with a hunger that is strong.
Her knees they start to waver and it won’t be very long,
before she hits the shore and a shouts her lover’s name.
A sound he longs to hear. One she can finally claim.

Falls of heated moisture, he starts to wash away,
his mouth drinks through the satin and she starts to sway.
He helps her to the wall and slides against her form.
Their bodies touch each other. They are so far from warm.

She’s boiling inside as her eyes connect with his,
and knows there is no looking back for this is what it is.
Two people now together, merge as friends and mates.
Both no longer holding out, no more to contemplate.

The gliding and the thrusting drive them to the edge.
Words of love and romance they both begin to pledge.
The wall is hard and splintered. It scraps skin so soft and fine.
But it doesn’t really matter for they have finally crossed the line.

His mouth captures a nipple and they throw caution to the wind.
Together they are one, neither feel like they have sinned.
He covers her with kisses and lets her slide back down.
Hand in hand they walk to a place where they aren’t bound.

Yet in their heady, steamy touches, kisses, hopes, and dreams,
no answer will present themselves. This is exactly what it seems.
It is to good to be the truth. To rich a loving scene.
Now their trembling hands, switch off computer screens.

Fingers reach and softly touch, the cold and lifeless box.
Two hands now are separate. Two hearts are full of shock.
Both sit back and wonder when the hurt will stop.
Neither has the answer and so their hearts just drop.

Hurting is concealed until another round.
When destiny is tested and fingers make the sound
of heated words and passion, that stir the very soul.
They know that they are dreaming, yet they have no self-control.

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