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Just a Touch


A sultry evening at the beach house, the sea, the surf, the sound of something sweet drifting on the breeze from the next cottage, and something sweeter here to enjoy it all with me. Sounds about perfect...

You can hide your face in pictures, but there's no way to hide your voice in an intimate reading like this, so if you recognize it, what can I do but smile. Please comment. It makes posting it worthwhile.

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There's something about the way you tease me.
The way you tilt your head, your gaze fixed on me as you twirl your hair.
The way your eyes twinkle when you know you're getting to me.
I'm easy, I know. A well timed lick of the lips can be just as effective as a bared breast.

Desire, you see, is almost entirely in the mind.
Fingering a piece of cloth doesn't do much for me,
But it makes me hot when you slip a finger inside lace,
Or tease your nipple through the fabric of a sweater.
There's something so erotic about hard nipples through soft fabric.

You know this, though.
You know what turns me on.
You exploit it, shamelessly.
Your carelessly open legs show me just a peek.
Your look implies a wink and lets me know you did it on purpose.
Then never breaking eye contact you open up for me and smile.

You lick your lips. I think of licking yours as well.
Different lips, perhaps, but that IS what you had in mind, isn't it?
You shift and spread your legs a little wider, your lips parting just a touch,
Then softly suck a finger and lower it into your lap. Just a touch,
But my cock springs to life like a marionette dangling from your fingertips.

You smile, and start to unbutton with the other hand,
A finger rubbing lightly on your clit while you watch my eyes.
Yeah... you've got me. No doubt about that. But was there ever?
You shrug, and fabric pools around your hips, your nipples hard and pointed
At at their target. Me.

You spread your legs wide now, undressed but for a ring of skirt,
That hikes up high upon your hips, exposing everything to me.
How COULD I possibly refuse such sweet invitation?
Call me anything you like, but don't ever call me late for dinner.

I lean in, lean down, lean over you, inhaling you on my way down.
A rush goes to my head from the scent of you.
Barely brushing with my lips, softly kissing round 'your hips,
your thighs, outside, inside, in tight and almost there,
But just a breath to touch you.

Settling, getting comfy, still a breath away but now I'm hard against your ankle,
Now softly I caress your calf with my head, now lowering this other head
To brush your lips with mine, those lips,
A tongue inside, but just a touch, a taste, a sweet and musky scent that fills me up.
You arch up, try to find me, but I'm out of reach, that tongue a touch away again.
But I do touch you, with a breath blown softly where my tongue left wet.

You moan, your way to draw me in. You know how much I love to hear you sigh.
So smiling now I trace my tongue from low to high, first dipping deeply in then rising up
To lift your clit with a caress, so soft, so wet, so tempting as I suck it in,
So sweet and hot you're making my head spin. I swirl around you,
Your moans swirl like music in my ears.

Your hips are dancing now, a rhythm only they can hear,
I follow it, my lips around you, tongue around you, arms around you pulling you toward me.
You arch and sway and grind up to my tongue. I flick until you back away,
Then suck you in, tongue round and round, your rhythm now its own.

You're breathing fast, a pant with moans between,
Your muscles tightening, pushing you along, that dizzy dance of tongue now fast,
As breath, and writhe and everything you do says "now".

The moan starts deep inside, then loud, then louder still,
tensing as you clench your legs about me, then escaping as I suck you in,
Long strokes of lips and tongue to pull you out into a scream that builds and builds
And finally breaks and rings inside my head and heart and loins like magic,
As you thrash beneath me, pulsing passion in my mouth.
Then you collapse and pant... and pant... and throb... and throb... and throb...

I let you slowly down, my lips a soft caress that brings more moans and sighs
And now and then a shake, my tongue against your clit, but soft now,
Gentle like the rain upon a pond, whose ripples spread out through you like a song.

That seemed like a pretty good one.

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