tagErotic PoetryJust For You

Just For You

byPoppin Poppy©

You had a request you said
About something soft and sweet
Something to take to bed?
Something that you could eat?

That really sounds quite blunt
But what else can I say
A wet and warm and juicy cunt
And an invite to come and play

I want you to feel my arms and kisses
As I hold you close right here
Your breath and your lips and your kisses
And your tongue so close to my ear

My lips on your neck and on your face
My fingers they wander and caress
As I nibble you and lick you and taste
Arousing feelings that I couldn’t care less

Your hands are soft upon my breasts
Stirring feelings so deep within
I kiss and lick and bite your chest
The sensations flow between our skin

Our fingers dance as we lay and touch
Moving so lightly over each other
Oh, baby, you know I need you so much
As I think we both need each another

I feel your tongue and then your lips
As you make your way down me
Your hands are grasping tightly my hips
Cuz you know where I want you to be

Lay on your back and give me your cock
I want to play with your balls, too
Tease until you are as hard as a rock
I know that is what you want me to do

I can feel your tongue play with my clit
My juices are starting to run
Your fingers run up and down my slit
That is so good, I do love you hun

I lick you and suck you and gently play
As you push yourself against me
Up and down your cock you say
That’s where my hand is supposed to be

Between my legs, your tongue so deep
Please don’t stop I want to cum
I am going to be a quivering heap
Once this is over and we are done

Your cock is in my mouth, in and out
Up and down, up and down my hand goes
I am definitely gona make you shout
As I send these feelings to your toes

Baby, if you are ready, I am too
Moving with each other as one
Another lick and suck, or a few
And oh boy, oh god, oh hell, we cum!!

Laying back we hold and kiss
Oh god baby, this is what we miss
So relaxed with smiles of bliss

Lets not wait too long before we do this again because it feels so good and feels so right to be together like this and to hold each other so close and to be one with another as if we were supposed to be with your hands on me holding me close and my arms wrapped tightly around you.

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