tagErotic PoetryKimberley Holmes

Kimberley Holmes

bySissy Adele Howells©

Kimberley Holmes at twenty seven,
My idea of kinky heaven,
Long blonde hair, tall and slim,
Married to Kevin, she doesn't want him,
You love me Kimberley Holmes.

Jean's elder daughter,
Flirting in front of her husband,
Wearing revealing, sexy clothes,
Soon her glasses will be steaming up,
Shame about her big, long nose.

Planted a camera, inside her bedroom,
Love your brief, white panties and bra,
Your fishnet tights are sexy,
A pretty flowered blouse,
Splattered with pink roses,
Short, black, leather skirt,
Kimberley Holmes, my tart on heat,
Valley slag, who loves to shag.

Kimberley undresses me slowly,
I'm shivering bollack naked,
She kisses me softly on the lips,
Displays her black, satin nightie,
For me to wear for her amusement.

Our arms are around each other,
Her husband has a vacant expression,
Snogging Kimberley heavily,
We both fall to the floor,
I'm on top of my kinky whore,
My penis is rock solid.

Opening her satin blouse,
unclasping Kimberley's brassiere,
Here ripe, round breasts,
Are resting in my hands,
Sucking Kimberley's nipples,
Kimberley Holmes breast feeds me,
In front of her retarded husband.

Her Mam, Jean and sister Karen,
Join Kevin, to watch us make love,
Unzipping Kimberley's leather skirt,
It's joins her tights around her ankles,
Kimberley looks helpless in her panties,
I'm going to screw my valley slag,
With her brown booties on.

Kimberley lifts up my nightie,
My throbbing penis, ready for action,
Pulling her panties down with my teeth,
She is desperate to be the best slut.

Our tongues are in each others mouths,
Kevin encourages his wife,
To lie on her back, with legs wide open,
Kimberley laughs as we rub noses,
Then groans, as I start to shaft her.

Thrusting my penis,into Kim's vagina,
Pumping my semen inside her,
Want to make Kimberley pregnant,
Give her the daughter she always wanted,
A gift Kevin Holmes, could't deliver.

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