tagNon-Erotic PoetryKnowing When

Knowing When

byEnergizer Bunny©

It is true that buses are like men,
Another comes every five minutes or ten.
One can be replaced without much done,
What I find in you I can find in another one.
I can find another with your height,
I can find another one that goes all night.
I can find one with similar penetrating eyes,
Or one that plunges deep between my thighs.
Another can have your disarming smile,
Another, your savoir-faire and style.
The next can be seriously well hung,
Another has a fabulous tongue.
This guy has intellect exponentially,
Him, he has something great– potentially.
This one coordinates his clothing well,
That one has other men envious as hell.
He has technique and fabulous flare,
This one has done that, know that, and been there.
He is confident and deservedly cocky,
That one survives when things get rocky.
That guy has charm, aura, and humor,
That guy is a good fuck, if you believe the rumor.
That one makes any woman’s mouth water,
While him, he leads their hearts to slaughter.
Of all these men old and young,
Be they experienced or well hung.
Each has a certain viable trait,
That they use on women as bait.
What is messed up, Thrill, only about you,
Is that, of you, all I have said here is true.
You are all they are and more,
To me you are sex, lust, craving, and allure.
Too bad you doubt all that I know and say,
So sad that you distance me and push me away.
At the same time, that you do, is to my benefit,
Staying here would only be to my detriment.
So, go forth, Thrill, and take to as many,
Your masculinity and skills aplenty.
Go run with the big dogs off the porch,
I will just sit here with my lit torch.
Knowing you have helped me grow and expand,
While you remained in control and in demand.
I will not even try to compete,
I will just recall the times more sweet.
And move forward with my newfound self,
While I put you and me, and the rest on a shelf.
Thanks for all you gave and taught,
Know that none of it was for naught.
I feel crazy for you, as I know I always will,
But I must be more to me than you are to me, Thrill.
Finally, I love me most and I know why.
I will always miss you, Thrill,
Take care of you, and good-bye.

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