tagErotic PoetryLetting Go

Letting Go


i took a hot, soapy bath last night
and listened to some sexy music right before i dozed off,
still naked and damp,
laying on my back
on the bed
under the constant swirling breezes of the ceiling fan

not sure when you finally arrived home
the first things i felt were your long, calloused fingers
sliding slowly up my calves
as they lay open hanging over the side of the bed
i could hear your deep breathing
feel your warm breath as you bent over
beside my face and whispered
into my ear
"i'm gonna fuck your sweet little pussy sooo hard tonight, baby girl"

my cunt weeps with joy at your sexy words
without even the strength to lift my head
i open my eyes to slits
smiling softly
looking into your eyes and ask
my voice husky with passion
"why are you gonna fuck me so hard babe?"

your slow sexy smile
reveals that playful side of you, i adore
yet i can see how hard your day was
though you try to appear as though
it was no big deal
as i struggle to awaken for you and pick my arms up to
slide them along your thighs
still covered in the thick material of your uniform
as you stand beside the bed
and start to pull my legs open
wide, wider
my body already responding to you
moving, moistening, preparing itself for what's coming

your deep, rich chocolate voice growls out quietly
"cuz that's the only way i can get as deep as i need to
and i need to be deep inside my baby tonight
i need to fuck you so hard i get stuck inside you"
your eyes, already deep brown, darken in passion
and some other emotion
as you look inside of my soul
looking at my almond eyes
hazel turning to warm green pools
quietly questioning me
to see if it's ok to show me what's inside you

i want to be strong and brave for you
but i tremble, my lips quivering
as that door inside you breaks open
and as i turn my head to the side to hide my tears
you gently pull my face back to you

kissing me softly
"it's ok, we have all the time in the world
i'm not going anywhere
i'm right here with you baby
are you with me?"

and i feel it inside
tearing, breaking free
and look at your beautiful face
worshiping you
still looking, still touching,
wanting to be there for you
in a way i never would have thought
completely open,
emotionally, spiritually and intellectually
before you
i submit my self
to your deepest needs and desires

anything to help you feel
the love inside me
like a spring flower in the early crisp morning air
slowly, opening its glistening pink petals
fragrant, delicious, silky
and as you bury your face inside of my thighs
i grab your head in my hands
whispering words of adoration
passionately responding to your needs
letting you know you can trust me
with your tender, lion's heart

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