tagNon-Erotic Poetrylife is nothing but a dream

life is nothing but a dream


Life is nothing but a dream
 So when your opportunity come in life do not let it pass you by.
 Because I guarantee you will never see it again.
 Don't anyone stop you from holding on to your dreams. Support your dreams no matter what.
 Make a step by step life plan to make your dream come true you can achieve anything you put your mind to.
Your friends and family may left you but your dreams never will.
Life is nothing but a dream.
Life is a video game depending on how you play determine if you win or lose.  Their are two type of dream good dream and bad dreams (nightmares).  For example remember how hard you been job searching only to get rejected left and right.
 Or getting the girl of your dreams only to break up with you (10) ten weeks later.
  Trying to always do the right thing but it always end up blowing up in your face never like you plan it.
 Life is nothing but a dream.

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