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Liking to Be a Woman


I’d like just to be a woman for a day or two
If not the mind, the body will do
But I guess that is just a male’s point of view
I’m asking; “Would it work for you?”

Best go the whole hog I think
The mind, the body and everything
To delve into the mystery of the woman machine
From blue to pink

I guess I’d spend some time looking and things
The touch, the feel and responses
I would certainly wear my fairy wings
And enjoy the full renaissance's

Just to be a woman for a day or two
Thinking here; what I’d really like to get up to
I reckon I’d tease the male set and all
Like a woman can, I’d make ‘em drawl

I’d walk like a fashion model does
I would sway my credentials and that’s not all
I’d make their heartstrings buzz
And do you know what? I’d really have a ball

Maybe I’d smother myself with atmospheric perfume
Discover the art of making up with flair
The lips, the eyes and finger nails I’d groom
And do something with my hair.

I am talking, feeling like a woman and feel so good
Seeing the guys take a second look
And I am enjoying all that, like I knew I would
Watching them all go gobbledygook

Best of all at night
When I chill in my short black dress
It hugs my female form so very tight
I smooth the skirt showing a good deal of thigh
Stroke my flesh in a soft caress
Cross my legs and hear my black silk stockings rustle
I will enjoy my body all night.

I delve into how a woman in passion feels
Teasing the nipples and feeling the bustle
A very deep urge is there
And I want the gratification of something divine

The passion grows, ‘tis part of survival big plan to reproduce the species, now the verse dissolves into standard script and I feel emotion so warm and true, combining into all I do. And I imagine I am with the guy I love and adore, nothing less and nothing more.

I feel his warmth inside, filling me up with seed to replenish the womb. The divine combination of thrust and withdrawal, leading me into the sublime, the heaven is on earth and then I slumber deep and complete.

When I waken I feel the pride, no longer a woman with me inside, but I throb still like it was real, that is the way I really feel, that I have just been at the spur of maybe what womanhood, is all about -and have just an inkling of what it would be like.

But now in this life I am male and I will settle for that. But next time Janine and I indulge into our heaven on earth, it will be different, because I will know what she feels.

I will kiss her so sweet, love and cherish her so much, I would wipe her off her feet and enjoy every little touch.

I want to show her how my love feels, not just the sex but the whole McCoy!
Just to share and share alike our love sublime, it grows and grows all the time.
It is great to be in love and better still if two can tango to the same tune
Something that sparks sp deep and special for a girl and a boy

But wouldn’t it be nice if a boy can think like a girl and set the emotions in a twirl
Many a love tune has lost its appeal, because the boy fails’ to consider how a girl may feel
She is not just a coil to sex up, she is something much more and special, she is more practical, logical and everything a boy may think is surreal.

But play the right tune and it will hold for ever, love your girl for what she is, no more, no less
Then hope the interest my never ever sever.
Love is to cherish and enjoy, love is to explore and delight
Maybe being a girl for a day would help us guys understand, what goes with the hand in hand,
It is so much more than just the love band But I conclude that if we were able, the magic would be lost, so perhaps it is just as well, whoever made us did it this way, to fuse the sexes in sublime intercourse.
What do you say.
Or are you content to simply relent and let the love flow, wherever it wants to go?

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