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Limerick Boy


Whilst hitch-hiking up to Cavan
A Stab City boy known as Dan
Hailed down a truck –
Not believing his luck –
And clambered up into the van.

The driver, he learnt, was called Pat:
A Hell’s Angel once, but now fat.
In the back of the van
Was another big man
And a sad-looking punk in a hat.

They drove till they came to a clearing
And dragged poor Irish Dan out of hearing.
But just before that
The lad in the hat
Said ‘I think I know just what you’re fearing.’

‘I’m shagged out,’ said Pat, ‘from the boy;
‘but, we’re lucky, we’ve got a new toy,
‘Mick. You lay him down
‘and suck on his crown
‘till he’s ready for us to enjoy.’

‘Hey,’ said Dan, fighting off Mick’s embrace,
‘I’m hitching to my girlfriend’s place.
‘Begorra, begob.
‘You’re not putting your knob
‘Up me bum. It’s a focking disgrace!’

Mick fucked Dan till he heard the boy beg,
Scream, plead and then come on his leg.
To Dan’s great surprise
He saw Pat’s cock arise
With a glans like an extra large egg.

Pat’s prick easily stretched out Dan’s bum.
Soon Dan felt it fill him with come
But he didn’t mind
This quick sordid grind
Had inspired an idea. And some!

The men then drove Dan back to town,
Kissed him hard and at last set him down
With the boy in the hat,
Not mentioning that
His chin was all sullied and brown.

Dan’s new aim was to bugger the punk:
The Erse boy in the hat – quite a hunk.
‘He must work on the building;
‘It won’t be an ill thing
‘When I force him to swallow me spunk.’

So that’s how young Dan became queer.
My poor story just has to end here.
I do have to say
I hate the word ‘gay’
But thank you for lending an ear.

Experience teaches that Literotica readers aren’t all completely averse to the odd explanatory note. Here are an even two.
1. ‘Stab City’ is a term coined by some Irish pundits to refer to Limerick, where the number of knifings is allegedly higher than is considered nice in polite Dublin society.
2. When I was at school ‘gay boy’ was a considerable insult in the playground, whereas queer (to me and my peers) just meant ‘unusual’ – even if it didn’t signify approval.

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