tagErotic Poetrylisa's sexual tales

lisa's sexual tales


i'm happiest
when i'm on my back
i've fucked so many
that i've lost track
i've done everything
from normal to not
i always keep it steamy
i always keep it hot
i've been with ladies and dudes
and even shemales
i know i make you blush
with my sexual tales
i've had long term fucks
and one night stands
there's been cum down my throat
and in the palms of my hands
i've dressed like a lady
i've dressed like a whore
you've never met anyone
like me before
i've been tied up
i've been handcuffed
sometimes my pussy is famished
and it can't get enough
i've been fuck with food
a banana and cucumber
i make quite the impression
and have you wanting my number
my asshole stays horny
my tits loved to be sucked
these are my tales
of how i love to be fucked

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