meet you on tues
motel 6
look for my car....
and there you sit
to take me
places i've only been
with you
kissing in the elevator
anxious lips
tasting again
grabbing my breast
a hungry man
reaching for a meal
unlocking the door
holding my hand
pulling me in
to more than the room
throwing covers on the floor
clothes on the chair
anxiously awaiting
tongue exploring
my body again
for points of interest
a road map
discovered once more
gently unfolded from it's hidden drawer
passion unleashed
your mouth devours me
reawakening pleasure
too long missed
a parched man
drinking me in
quench the thirst
bury your head
in your favorite juice bar
a magic man
with magic tongue
well schooled in verse
with teeth and tongue
you play the notes
that move me
i hold my breath
while cascading waves
reach their crescendo
you do not stop
but continue on
a drowning man
saved by me
then you bring
glistening face
to be kissed again
let me taste
the sweetness too
the fire burns in me
tongue stoked
waiting for your entrance
legs wrapped tight
round your waist
i welcome you home
you slide in me
a key in a lock
a perfect fit
bodies meshed
two becoming one
unable to tell where
one begins and one ends
bodies glistening
moving rhymically
passions dance
take me away
envelope my mind
til there's only you
and me together
and when it's time
to reach the heights
you join me
releasing pent-up desires
you collapse on me
your head on my breast
breathing deeply
as i come back into the day
retreating from ectasy
we lay in each others arms
for a little while
knowing the time is up
not wanting to leave
but you must go back
to your world
and i must go back to mine
and we'll dream of each other
til the next time

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