tagErotic PoetryLove's Journey

Love's Journey


You walk into my room
and come to me slowly
nothing in your demeanor
suggesting other than calm

I smile at you softly
and put my arms around you
playing with the soft hair
that lies against your neck

Your hands grip, sliding
fingers climbing up my back
then lower, to grab my ass
pulling so our passions meet

We look into each other's eyes
and something leaps between us
we both start trembling inside
and our mouths collide hard

Clothes magically scatter
and hands and mouths find wet
spreading it everywhere we dance
reveling in the tastes and smells

The ache is incredibly intense
we push against one another
savagely sucking, then licking
the lips locked close together

My defenses gone, you penetrate
my openess astounding you
as you slide into my love
resting at your journey's end

I move sinously against you
showing you the passion you arouse
you forge ahead, a new journey
one we will take together

We crawl upon our knees to lust
begging for more "just this once"
it is granted in a flash so strong
our heads reel with fuzziness

We walk to the mountians of passion
climbing to the highest peak
passion herself pushing us off
our hands clasped as we go

We are flying, to the lair of love
wishing to possess the knowledge
that would allow us to keep it
and love shines on us there

She lifts her golden head to us
stars flying out to hug our hearts
she smiles and says we already have it
but it only exists when we're together

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