tagErotic PoetryLovin' My Woman

Lovin' My Woman


I felt the quivering of your swollen breasts
As my tongue barely traced your golden thighs.
Your arms tugged at the firm restraints,
And I saw the molten look of fire in your eyes.

I positioned the blindfold on your beautiful face,
And you moaned so very plaintively.
I placed strong restraints on your shapely legs
as your thighs parted ever-so-slowly for me.

I caressed your body so gently and carefully
With special feathers and well-learned techniques.
Your body writhed and bucked so helplessly;
Lost in total pleasure as I touched and tweaked.

I applied scented, warm oil so very carefully,
One by one to all of your special spots.
As your moans and spasms increased in frequency,
I knew your thermostat was boiling hot.

You tugged and pulled so unsuccessfully
At my well done, strong restraints.
I knew the pleasure was overpowering you,
And, if continued, you would surely faint.

Your sensitive back rose violently in the air,
And your blistering body began furious spasms
As my skilled tongue commenced its loving task
Of making your fiery flower blossom.

Your screams increased to a mighty crescendo,
And your body lost all sense of control.
As you erupted in tremendous explosions,
I kept continuing 'til you could explode no more.

DaLovePoet (Mike Diaz)

February 8, 2001

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