tagErotic PoetryLullaby of pain

Lullaby of pain


He owns , which in turn liberates me.
He hurts me, which in turn heals me.
He binds me, which in turn releases my soul.
He degrades me, which in turn gives me pride as a women.
He turns my face away, which in turns makes me want to look, he slaps my face, which in turn is the softest touch imaginable.
He chastises me, which in turn calms me.
He makes me feel small, which in turn enlarges me as much as is humanly possible.
He tortures my soul, witch in turn soothe's it as a lullaby.
He drops me to the floor, which holds my mind in arms.
He's my master, I'm his sub, he's my husband, I'm his love, he's my protector, I'm his charge.
Our love and bond can never be broken, not something so immense, so large.

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