tagErotic PoetryMagical Lust, Deep In The Forest

Magical Lust, Deep In The Forest

bySmiling Eyes©

A beautiful warm sunny day, dressed in shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Grabbed my backpack and took off for a hike, following an old hidden trail, meandering through the pines.

I could hear running water, continuing to venture nearer, I came upon a clearing. Catching my breath, I was in total awe, plush green grasses, ferns, and mosses, dainty wild flowers in pinks, purples, and whites, surrounding a clear turquoise colored pool. Water gently sliding off the boulders of rock, a waterfall fills this wondrous pond, all enclosed by tall whispering pines.

Hot, sweaty, and weary from my hike, the pool looked so inviting. With no one around, I removed my clothes and slowly entered the water. This felt so cool and refreshing, treading water, absorbing my surroundings.

Then a voice broke the silence, you were standing there by the falls, looking down at me with a devilish grin, feelings of embarrassment washed over me. I was in a predicament and you knew it, I asked you, to please turn around, you acted as if you were deaf to my plea. You started coming closer to the pond my heart beginning to race, I turned the opposite direction, for the water was crystal clear, you could see every shape and form.

I heard a small splash, turning my head, there you were swimming toward me, our eyes met and suddenly I felt no fear. You swam up behind me, placed your hand on my cheek and slowly turned me around to face you, losing myself, staring into your eyes, no longer could I feel the coolness of the water only the temperatures rising within. Your lips touched mine, our tongues danced and intertwined, arms enclosing one another, your hands gently caressing my back, my fingers tracing through your hair wrapping my legs around your waist.

Birds singing their melodic tunes, could be heard softly in the background. You take my hand and lead me to shore, laying me down on a bed of wild flowers, lying down beside me, our lips locked, hands exploring, touching, caressing, sending surges of electricity, enflaming my inner core. My moans could hardly be heard over the rushing waterfall, yet they blended in with the melodic tunes, being sung in the forest.

Feeling your breath, warm as your tender touch, nibbling upon my ear, your tongue tracing down my neck, sending shivers through my spine. Sliding your hand down the curve of my thigh, my hips begin to rise, ready for the fulfillment of pleasure.

You look at me and grin, this is what you were hoping for, to bring me higher than any puffy cloud, as a cloudburst opens its doors and the rains begins to pour, with Magical Lust, Deep In The Forest.

®Smiling Eyes™

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