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mammary memoir


the way you're looking at me
let me guess
you'd like to get your hands on
my big, bulging breasts
you can't even look me in the eyes
because you're so focused on my chest
they are quite a pair
so i see why you're impressed
you love the way they bounce
wiggle and jiggle
you'd like to put your dick
right in the middle
my boobs are spectacular
that's why you like them so much
and my nipples become swollen
just from the slightest touch
my bossom is bountiful
i have more than enough
you're a breast person
and i've got the right stuff
my knockers are awesome
if i do say so
and i wear lots of cleavage
so that they can show
sometiems i go braless
and folks like when i do
would you like for me
to show my titties to you
my nipples are beautiful
my boobs are soft and they bounce
i wouldn't add or take away from them
not one ounce
my thirty-eight dees
are the nicest i've seen
take a look at my photos
and see what i mean
you can't help but love my tits
i'm rather fond of them too
and the fact that i lactate
really attracts you
i've got a sweet pair of melons
that i don't mind showing
right now your mouth is watering
and your arousal is growing
my jugs are juicy
and they bring much delight
your attraction to my breasts
you simply cannot fight
if you're looking for the perfect pair
then look in my direction
i love when you play with them
'cause they need lots of affection
if beautiful boobs are your thing
you're lucky you found me
i've got a lovely set
that i know you'd love to see

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