tagNon-Erotic PoetryMerry Little Herb

Merry Little Herb


There's an herb I used to grow
 that made me high when I was low..
  The passing time would seem so slow,
   but feel so very good..
You may not think I'd be the type
 to smoke this herb from a water pipe,
  but I've never really believed the hype
   and never thought I should..

My senses could attain a height,
 so often only seen in flight..
  Everything just seemed so right,
   so pure and very clear..
All my hearing, sight and touch
 awoke to find so very much
  within this life of sound and such -
   more precious and more dear..

While I don't want to over-rate
 the blessings of this sacred state,
  I must confess how I relate
   to this merry herb I've known..
It's not polite to "just say no"
 to a potted plant you barely know..
  I think that everyone should grow
   some stone of their very own..

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