tagNon-Erotic PoetryMine eyes do cry

Mine eyes do cry


Mine eyes do cry!!!!!

Mine eyes do cry a river of tears,
 for the loss of a love that cannot be,
Never to whisper words of love,
 only to be lost in the heavens above.

This lover of mine must not know,
 these feelings of desire that torment me,
This fire that burns so deeply within ,
 must remain in a dream, he must never see.

To feel his love would be devine,
To take his heart and make it mine.
If only to steal a moment in time,
and share it with this lover of mine.

For but a chance to share this love,
for this man that i adore,
Would time stand still for this love,
or would it leave me wanting more.

Only in dreams can this love be,
 in waking hours it cannot be,
Across the oceans and the sea,
my love for you will always be.

Mine eyes do cry a river of tears,
for the loss of a love that cannot come to be.

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