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Mirror, Mirror


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Mirror, mirror on the wall
I see you masturbating on the floor
Take off your clothes
Quickly now
All of them
I want to see your entire body laid before me
Every fold, every crease and every blemish
I want to see you squirming on the floor
Now spread your legs nice and wide for me
I admire that bushy purse of yours
the hair spreads all the way down to your arsehole
take a look, open yourself up before the mirror
It's nothing to be ashamed of
I love the hair sprouting out from your flesh
wont you open your lips and show me your clit
Look for yourself, see it trying to hide beneath the hood
pull it back and bare it to yourself
Show me how pink you are
show me how soft you can be
soft like your breasts
I want you to describe your breasts for me
are they large and heavy
are they small with tight nipples protruding
are they gentle handfuls with large pale fleshy tips
or are they giant unmanageable melons
that look their best when dripping with come
show them to me
show them to the mirror
take the time to enjoy your body
every fucking inch of it
when was the last time you looked at your anus?
I want you to look at it now
Are you on your knees?
Are you bending over?
Are you on your back with your legs behind your ears
Stretching to see that tight little hole of yours
It's not easy getting a good view of that tiny little petal is it?
hold your buttocks open wide
and have a quick flick at your pussy while you stare down at your hole
that's a good girl
enjoy every part of your body
enjoy your hole
keep flicking at your pussy
watch the pink flesh stretch and fold
see it glisten and wet your fingers
now get yourself comfortable
and look at me in the eye
look yourself in the eye
come closer to the mirror
let your breath fog the glass
look down and pinch at your breast
flick faster at your cunt
now lock eyes with yourself in the mirror
and don't you dare look away until we are done
rub harder at your clit
pinch your nipples and bight your lip
keep staring yourself down
think about kissing your own mouth
fall deep into your eyes
see the climax building in your expression
throw your hand frantically around your mound
feel you pussy sopping wet in your hand
look at your beautiful face
make love to your sensual eyes
stroke softly at your breast
and come for yourself
come in your hand and never lose eye contact
see your pupils react to the orgasm
see you face contort with the pleasure
coming and coming and coming
run your fingers desperately through your pussy hair
feel your juices hot in your palm
never stray from your gaze
never question your actions
just come, and enjoy it
love yourself for what you do
love yourself, the climax too
love yourself when coming strong
love yourself, there's nothing wrong
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I see you masturbating on the floor

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