tagNon-Erotic PoetryMonge Joseph, You Are Missed

Monge Joseph, You Are Missed


Hello Monge, my old friend,
I’ve missed you so much.
I remember the three of us walking through Brockton in 2003, you, Louis and me.
Three young Haitian brothers striding through New England.
Like Bosses.

Imagine my surprise when,
Filled with impulse,
I looked you up online.

No, it can’t be true.
My old friend is dead.
Monge is gone.
Even worse, Monge, you died a mere ten days,
Before I looked you up.

What gives ?
Why did this happen ?
Life is short.
I miss you.
My dear brother.
God rest your soul.

Monge Joseph,
My friend,
My brother,
Rest in Peace.

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