tagErotic PoetryMuse in Shade

Muse in Shade


When sprawled in slumber
A warmth from far away
Descends on the bed
And straddles him.
Scent of lavender in the air
And murmurs in the dark
As a shadow leans
Over, voice a blistering whisper:
“I will tell you a story…”
Her breasts swirl over
His chest and her breath
Burns close on his face.
He aches to crack the trance
And hunt those curves in shade.
“You will have my words…”

Pressed against the clammy sheet,
Paralyzed between her thighs
While she idly fingers
The prickling skin down along
His side, and down.
“All my tales are yours…”
Her hair conceals his eyes,
Her lips draw near and he
Smells her everywhere,
Steeping in his pores
As he shivers in
The blackness when he
Sleeps and he dreams.

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