tagErotic PoetryMy Dancing Tongue

My Dancing Tongue


My tongue performed a glorious waltz
Gliding smoothly over the dance-floor
Of your most beautiful, precious body;
Barely touching, yet wanting so much more.

The steps to that delicious waltz
Were performed so effortlessly,
And your body responded in kind
As it has only for me.

Each step produced a glorious moan
As you began to lose control,
Losing yourself to the rhythm
that makes you feel whole.

I performed the dance so totally
Paying careful attention to each step,
Because a dance of love is an art
that many folks misstep.

They don't attach enough importance
to the act of pleasuring their mate
Until the relationship finally crumbles
Meeting its untimely fate.

And so, My Beautiful Baby,
One thing will always be true:
I will spend the remainder of my days
Pleasing and loving you.

DaLovePoet (Mike Diaz)
March 6, 2001

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