tagErotic PoetryMy Diane Bennett Easter Egg

My Diane Bennett Easter Egg

bySissy Adele Howells©

Ingredients are simple
take one Diane Bennett
black widow aged 66
enough melted chocolate
to cover her naked body.

Strip Diane naked
shave her head
this is essential
Diane will cry
I don't know why
put her blonde hair in a bowl
use it for candyfloss later
that looks lovely
one shiny Diane Bennett
soft bald head
also shave her pubic hairs
Diane will wriggle
Diane will scream
don't let it spoil
your Easter egg dream.

Now gently with a brush
paint boiling hot chocolate
starting at her feet
only leaving
her eyes
her breasts
her vagina

When body is covered
allow two hours
for chocolate to harden

Now for the artistic finish
add boiling white chocolate
to Diane's large breasts
make sure they cover her nipples
yes it's cruel
dont be sorry for her
just enjoy humiliating
the selfish bitch.
those breasts look delicious.

Next decorate her vagina
one chocolate cream egg
rammed into her slit
pierce end of egg
to allow yellow cream
oozing from her fanny
paint her lips
with dark hot chocolate
now my favourite bit
sprinkling castor sugar
into her stunning blue eyes
I know it stings sweetheart
but your sissy knows best
Roy would be proud of you.

One final finale
parade Diane Bennett
in front of her family
push a fishing hook
through her nose
with a piece of sring.

There you have it
delicious Diane Bennett,
Easter egg
now eat her up
enjoy the taste
of Dianne Bennett
yummy Mummy
fill my tummy.

Whose a lucky girl then

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