tagErotic PoetryMy Little Kitten

My Little Kitten


She rests,
Within the circle,
That is me.
Kitten snores,
Vibrate a gentle rhythm,
Against my chest.
A soft purring,
Of content.
My hand, a hypnotic comb,
Through long flaxen hair,
My mind, awash in sense memory.
Filled with her essence.
Her scent.
Her subtle taste.
Her satin warmth,
As her skin,
Becomes mine.
My groin still aches,
From that passions grasp.
Though satiated and relieved,
From that deep release.
Into the bowels of her.
Where we both find solace the most.
A deep, intense place, within her belly,
Where I...........release us both....
Into ecstasy's madness.
Loves gladness.
And, I feel it stirring again.
Within her.
Erect with anticipation.
I enter.
A slow journey....into the heart of her.
To again.
Ride her orgasm with mine.
A rushing pulsating river.
And then again...............again.
Till we sleep,
In calmer waters.
In loves sweet exhaustion.
Loves sweet embrace.

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