My rack!

byMR. Gibson©

You have said that you loved me because I am
stacked! Excuse me please I think I am "Packed!" In our car or in the sack. I think you really love my rack!

In our bed I am always ready to tumble.
God! you are so good I am ready to rumble!
Your muscular bod is all in tact but remember you still cannot beat my lovely rack!

Now that you have enjoyed my cleavage let me now open my legs up wide so now you can enjoy some of my beavage!

I see my bod keeps making your cock shoot
up wildly to and fro and I have to admit to you
It does make me quiver in excitement though!

Your cock shooting up so wildly and high. I guess it's my super-stacked body that is the reason why! I see your cock jump up so spry. I want you to just fuck me now because your my kinda guy!

Our passion in bed is forever in tact. Is it because I am super-stacked? Oh! I love you yes, it's true! I just love to be fucked by you! And it is definetly not a crock because I truly do love your rock, throbbing cock!

I have to say to you that "Maybe we should form a union? Maybe a baby finally? How about that communion?"

I have to say I have a baby inside of me now
and that is a plainful fact. All because you have said you love my lovely rack!

Later Then we will have a house and car and
make our baby veiwable. And people will come by and say "God! Ain't our baby beautiful!"

And in our neighborhood I can still walk around to and fro knowing that my super-stacked body thrills people so!

I walk around with a smile snugly in place knowing that my rack is firm
right smack in their face!

I still hold that smile snugly in place knowing full well that I have the best fucking female bod in the whole human race!

I see all the men stroking when I walk past because my body is smoking when I strut by them so fast.

And when I pass the ladies like I know that I will soon do all they do is mouth the words goddam you!

I continue to stick my chest out and sway my ass
clicking my heels on the walk with plenty
of sass. And when the men cum like soon they will do I will be back home safely in bed with you!

Back in bed with you at the end of the day is a place now that I will stay. But now I notice with some crass it is not my rack that you love now but my fucking ass?

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