tagNon-Erotic PoetryMy Tortured Life

My Tortured Life


Why do you mock me with your sarcastic tone?
While I sit here feeling all alone.
Tossed away like a useless toy.
While you sit there acting coy.

Why do you dismiss me like a useless slave?
Isn't my soul worthy enough to save?
Crushing my spirit like a helpless bug.
While the grin on your face is so smug.

Why do you hurt me and treat me so bad?
Don't you see how your actions have made me so sad?
I plunge deep into the depths of dispair.
You just sit there as if you don't care.

Why do you hurt me so.
As if I were filthy snow.
My heart aches for someone to love.
All you can do is push and shove.

I am nothing to you in this world.
Not worthy enough even to be heard.
All I ask is for my dreams to come true.'
Just some love between us two.

Don't you see how much this means to me?
For you to break down the walls and set me free.
All I require is peace and love.
But it just floats away on the wings of a dove.

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