tagErotic Poetrymy ultimate plan

my ultimate plan


i'm the freak of the week
the girl of your dreams
and yes, i'm as sexy
as it seems
i wear short skirts
and low cut tops
i'm the bomb baby
so give me my props
i turn heads
where ever i go
if you see me in action
you'll think i'm a pro
when it comes to fucking
i'm a sexual acrobat
deep in my pussy
is where you want to be at
being shy about sex
is just not me
when it comes to screwing
i'm the utmost authority
i'll blow your mind
and curl your toes
you'll be so happy
that it's you i chose
one night with me
is never enough
if you don't get to fuck me
don't take it too tough
i'm pretty, i'm horny
and up for anything
shemales and anal
and couples who swing
i'm an outstnding lover
as some of you know
i'm not conceited or cocky
others have said so
i'm such a sultry vixen
that my pussy's in demand
ladies touch your cunts
men put your dicks in your hand
you're probably horny now
just from my words you have read
i know you're getting hard or moist
simly from the things i said
i know how hot i am
now you do too
i bet you want a sample
of what i can do
i'll make you feel like a wwoman
i'll make you feel like a man
arousing people world wide
is my ultimate plan

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