It has been a while and I can tell:
I’m snapping more, just want to yell.
To climb the walls with my bare hands...
I’d rather be captive in cold steel bands.
Metal clinking in rhythm with us,
Our eyes flashing with fiery lust....
But I’ll just lay here, quiet and meek,
Gentle, and loving; just what you seek.
I’ll caress your face and rake your chest,
Pretend I’m satisfied and you know best.
I’ll do things your way, and not rock the boat,
But imagine your hand is on my throat...
I’ll replay your thrusts at three times the speed,
Imagine you’re giving me all that I need!
I’ll scream in my head, pull my own hair,
But first I will pray, that you get me there.
If only a toy was something I had,
This ache in my pussy wouldn’t be quite so bad!
Sometimes it’s easier to wait till you’re sleeping,
Put in my earbuds, let Lit get me seeping.
Find a favorite author, story or voice,
Get off while they whisper, that I have no choice...
Your voice breaks through; you’re ready to cum,
I clench down upon you and moan for you some.
You cradle me close and drift off to slumber,
My eyes on the clock, and that red blinking number.
That was sure fast, more time for me!
I reach for my phone, I can’t wait to see…
Whose voice wears me out? When I’m ready to rest,
Whose in my head? Who knows me the best?
I long to be taken, with a good, hard fuck,
But instead I just mourn, ‘cause I’m all out of luck.
I’ll keep biting, my tongue for you,
Knowing that’s not what you are into.
Three times, four times, I quickly lose count,
My pussy is dripping, I’m about to pass out!
I smile so wide as I fall asleep,
Literotica fucked me, good, hard and DEEP!
A few days later, surprise, surprise!
I get brave and ask, and there’s fire in your eyes!
I have some needs, so listen here...
Your response is a whispered, “I’ll fuck you, my Dear.”
Your manners are lost, foreplay tossed aside;
You waste no time, getting astride.
There are no soft, sweet kisses, no gentle embrace,
But a hunger, quite new, is crossing your face.
I think you need this as bad as I do,
It’s not easy to say it, for a nice guy like you.
Hard and fast, the best I’ve ever had!
“See it can feel quite good, to be kinda bad.”
You laugh in agreement plant a kiss on my head.
“I love you,” you say. “I’m going to bed.”

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/11/18


Very nice and emotional.

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by Anonymous02/08/18

It takes a bit of maturity to follow this poem

but it is quite good in terms of content and fairly good rhymes. Nice going! Yes, sometimes a good fuck stripped of all but cock and cunt is a savior.

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by dylan_t02/08/18

Well Done!

I'm happy that you got the courage to publish and I hope you get the well deserved positive feedback.

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