tagNon-Erotic PoetryNo Kingdom will ever, etcetra!

No Kingdom will ever, etcetra!

byUncle Pervey©

No Kingdom will ever,
be swapped for a horse!
This epic begins, with a man who's insane,
Olliver Cromwell, is that villain's name.
For Olliver Cromwell, wanted the power,
He was a Demon, his countenance dower.
It's Olliver Cromwell, who rides to destroy,
England's good king, her "Golden Boy!"
To stay is to die, and to ride is escape,
I wish not to feel, that ax on my nape!
He called to his friends "What to do,
Why of course!
My Kingdom, my kingdom,
I'll swap for a horse.
For there comes yon scoundrel,
With henchmen galore,
He comes here to kill me,
The son-of-a-whore!
So without ado, it's surely my course,
To trade my Kingdom, oh yes, for a horse!
I'll ease on out of here,
Just like a thief steals,
With that yonder Bastard, hot on my heels!
But he will not catch me, for fast I will ride,
To board a good Schooner, and leave on the tide.
So waste not your effort, you Bastardly fool,
For never you'll catch me, and treat me so cruel!
For on this great Stallion, and with no remorse,
I'll swap my whole Kingdom, for just a fast horse.
I've made it to Cambridge,
And there stands my ship,
To help me escape, to give him the slip.
Now lift my horse up, put him in the hold,
For I'll need that horse, when everything's told!
When you drop me off, in that distant land,
Where rain doesn't fall, and covered with sand.
For out on the desert, of Persia I'll ride,
I'll find an Oasis, and there I will hide.
And for no matter how, and for no matter where,
That Bastard does look, he'll not find me there!
It's cost me so dear, to follow this course,
To swap my whole Kingdom, to flee on a horse!
The Round-heads have driven, me out I'm alone,
But when they are gone, I'll re-claim my throne.
And gather around me, a really strong force,
And never again, swap Kingdom for horse!
But he never made it, away from Land's end,
Cause he was taken, by Olliver's men.
They carried him off, and in London's Tower,
And made him wait there, for his final hour.
For History says, "The Ax took his life,"
But that never ended, the war and the strife!
The King had a son, who took oath to revenge,
His Sire's wrong death, to make Cromwell cringe!
He raised up an army, and marched off to town,
And captured Cromwell, and brought Cromwell down.
Poetic justice, as described from the past,
Cromwell was hanged and drawn, quartered at last!
His remains were scattered, to all of the beasts,
And there on "Hog Island," the pigs had a feast!
He tried to usurp, England's Throne of course,
But Kingdoms are never, swapped for a horse!!

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